Completed in 2009 and awarded Best New Hotel in 2010, Hotel St Clair continues to offer a truly distinctive accommodation and dining experience for visitors to Dunedin. Visitors tell us it’s a very special destination, elegant & modern yet decidedly relaxed. Small and thoroughly boutique, its 26 suites, set on the ever-changing oceanfront, appeal to an eclectic mix of guests looking to enjoy the niceties of cosmopolitan life alongside the raw power and natural beauty of the ocean. We look forward to the new stories satisfied guests will share with us, and we welcome you to treat yourself to a distinctive experience at Hotel St Clair.


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From the original concept designs & sketches to the final phases & consent to build, Hotel St Clair was conceived as a unique luxury hotel venue. Situated on the recently renovated St Clair Esplanade, today the hotel enjoys an enviable status and has become a landmark of Dunedin’s oceanfront.